Monday, August 7, 2017

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The age difference between the actors and actress in a new medical drama, Hospital Ship

Ha Jiwon, was born in 1978

새 드라마 병원선 주연급 남녀배우 나이 | 인스티즈
Lee Seowon, was born in 1997

새 드라마 병원선 주연급 남녀배우 나이 | 인스티즈
Kang Minhyuk, was born in 1991


-Kang Minhyuk's head is really small..

-I'm more surprised by the fact that Ha Jiwon was born in 1978..

-Whoa.. Lee Seowon was born in 1997? I thought he was older than me.. Besides that, Ha Jiwon has a baby face..

-Hul.. The age gap between them is almost 20 years old but it doesn't look like that at all.. Lee Seowon somehow reminds me of Yoon Gyunsang..

-Ha Jiwon looks really beautiful..ㅜㅜ  I can't believe it's possible for someone to look stunning with that hairstyle..

-Now that I see it, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Seowon somehow look like each other..

-Lee Seowon is much younger than I thought..

-They don't look like they have a big age gap, though..

-Lee Seowon was born in 1997..? He's the same age with me..? Oh my goodness..

-19 years of age difference..? Ha Jiwon could pass off as their aunt..

-I thought Kang Minhyuk was Yang Sejong in that picture.. Both of them are equally handsome..

-Huk.. Lee Seowon is one of the lead characters??

-I can't believe this..

-I would believe it if someone said Ha Jiwon was born in 1988..

-Hul.. Jiwon Unnie has an extreme baby face..