Monday, August 7, 2017

Let's share the sentences that only your fandom will understand

Let's share it without mentioning the group's name or nickname!!
Here's mine

11:43:34, November 22nd 2013

Thank you, but why lips..


1. [+687][-29] I hope you know that even though your oppas don't seem to know it, they do, and also that they're watching over you.

2. [+585][-30] She's streaming~ She's streaming~ Down down baby..

3. [+564][-24] We're 5 years old, call us Oppa..

4. [+395][-23] If there's an angel in this world, then it's me..

5. [+379][-29] Stay healthy everyday..

6. [+357][-22] Kkaebsong~~ I'm surprised~~

7. [+357][-12] Why. Is it disgusting? (in dialect)

8. [+345][-12] Don't leave me alone~<3

9. [+332][-11] An overwhelming orchestra

10. [+312][-8] I'm gonna sue ㅇㅇㅇ!! I'm gonna sue him for abusing my heart!!