Monday, January 21, 2019

The increasing number of Japanese who debuts as Kpop idols

Twice's Mina, Momo, Sana

IZONE's Nako, Sakura, Hitomi

Cherry Bullet's May, Remi, Kokoro

GWSN's Miya

H.U.B's Rui

Nature's Haru

Pentagon's Yuto

NCT's Yuta


JBJ's Kenta

Most of foreigners who debut as Kpop idols are Chinese, followed by Thai, and Japanese.

-Hmm.. Miya is Japanese..?? I had no idea..

-I like Yuta..

-I love you my Takoyaki Prince, Nakamoto Yuta~~<3

-It's because Kpop idols need to go global these days..

-I don't know anyone else besides MiSaMo and Kenta...ㅠㅠㅠ

-I only know SakNakHi, MiSaMo, and Yuta..

-I love Yuto, Yuta, and Kenta..

-Kenta is currently promoting in JBJ95!! For your information, it's not a sub-unit but an official group..

-I really hope for that guy from Pentagon to hit big..

-I like these Japanese members.. I don't know why but they all look so pretty to me.. And I think all of them were born with great personalities..

-There are unexpectedly a lot of Japanese who debut as Kpop idols.. But I don't know any of them besides for IZONE and Twice's members..

-It's my first time seeing them all, except for MiSaMo, SakNakHi, Kenta, and Yuta..

-Honestly speaking, I don't know any of them..ㅠㅠ

-Hul.. I had no idea that girl from GWSN was Japanese..