Monday, January 21, 2019

Let's play an upvote-downvote game based on things that you can relate at school

Have you ever worn your P.E pants rolled up inside of your long padding?
Upvote if you have
Downvote if you have not


1. [+351][-18] Have you ever farted at school? I have..

2. [+315][-71] Have you ever taken a dump at school?

3. [+296][-82] I've pretended to study during lunch breaks because I had no friends to play with..ㅜㅜ

4. [+180][-14] Have you ever talked about your homeroom teachers behind their backs?

5. [+141][-24] Have you ever burped when you lie forward on your desk?

6. [+131][-10] Have you ever worn your uniform on top your P.E uniform because you were too lazy to change clothes..

7. [+127][-36] Have you ever played your phone secretly in class?

8. [+92][-3] Have you ever slept in the middle of a class..?

9. [+79][-135] Have you ever used a lip tint then used your finger to even it and wiped your finger on the wall?

10. [+78][-43] Have you ever purposely passed by your crush's class just to see him?