Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jennie's outfit gets divided opinions from netizens

It's pretty vs It's hard to understand

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-The outfits are actually pretty, but they just don't suit Jennie..

-The outfits are trash, to be honest. But Jennie makes it look quite decent..

-The only thing that's pretty in the pictures is Jennie's face..

-It looks weird.. It just looks pretty because Jennie wears it..ㅋ

-Jennie is beautiful.. But her body doesn't suit this kind of outfit..

-The outfits themselves are quite absurd.. Jennie makes them to look a little bit better thereㅎㅎ No one is able to look good in such outfits unless models and celebs...

-Jennie is beautiful, but the outfits made me question so much about life.. But it looks fine, though..

-Well, I can't lie and say that it looks pretty..

-Absurd..?? It looks so freaking pretty, though??

-Her face did the all the work there..

-It's pretty, but I hate outfits with sharpy or pointy chest like that.. It's weird..

-The outfits only look pretty because it's Jennie..

-Those pointy chest look like they're gonna shoot something out in no time..

-Jennie is the one who's pretty.. The outfits look plain weird..