Tuesday, December 25, 2018

An upcoming system in South Korea that will send messages to parents when their underage kids access pornography sites

Korea Communications Standards Commission is planning to launch the 'Green Internet Filtering Software' that will send messages to parents when their underage kids try to access pornography sites or videos from their computers or smartphones. They only need to install the software and the service will automatically be activated. 

-Let's not do this.. So what with wanting to access porn..?

-Ugh.. This is literally the worst..

-I'm sure the parents must've watched porn too at that age, though..

-I don't think this is a great idea. This whole system is just wasting money. How about giving the proper sexual education to their kids instead?

-This is over exaggerating.. This only makes things even worse!

-Let's be real here.. How many of people in Korea aged under 19 who have never watched porn?

-Do they really have to do this..?

-What a big load of bullshit..

-These people are disgusting for seeing porn as problem..

-Just let the kids watch porn, you people..

-Oh.. My parents installed this software and I swear that this whole thing is a bullshit..ㅋㅋ

-What is the reason behind parents prohibiting their kids to not watch porn? They're at the age with tons of curiosity, and the best way to handle that is by giving them the proper sexual education..

-Whoa.. This has crossed the lines. That's just like invading someone's privacy;;

-Hul.. This is a nightmare;;

-Ugh please, it's not like they haven't watched porn in their entire life. Why are they acting as if they're saints or something like that?

-If I was a parent, I would prefer to not know at all...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ