Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Miss A's song with the most unfair part distribution, even Suzy feels uncomfortable because of it

Miss A's Only You

Suzy sings almost 60% of the song, which if 5 times more than Jia's, who has the least part for this song. 
Suzy looks tired during the whole performance, she has to sing the bridge and then continues with the chorus which is also her part. And in the climax part of the song, she also has to sing the high-notes and continues with her part with no break at all.

-I thought Min was the main vocal, I guess I was wrong..

-I've always thought that Suzy looks outstanding during this promotions. I guess that can't be helped since she has the most part of the song..

-Miss A has never had any main vocal in their group, so I think that's quite understandable. I know that Suzy must be really exhausted singing this song, but it is worth it. The song sounds good.

-Maybe JYP purposely gave Suzy a lot of parts, knowing that this would be Miss A's last song..

-Fei is so pretty.. I wonder what is she up to these days..

-According to Park Jinyoung's official statement, Miss A is a group whose members are all main-dancers and also the main-vocals.. That's why they take turns, for example Suzy had a lot of part for this song means the other members had the exactly same amount of part for the other comebacks.. Get your facts straight, people..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I have never really paid attention to their part distribution before.. This makes me realize how great Suzy's singing skills are..

-Whoa.. It's been a long time since I've watched Miss A's performance.. Fei is so beautiful..

-Well, Suzy's voice suits this song really really well, though..

-Miss A has different main vocals for all of their songs..ㅋㅋㅋ And I think they gave most part to Suzy for Only You because her voice suits the song really well..

-Suzy doesn't look like the type of idol who sings well, but I guess I was wrong..

-I haven't seen Miss A in a really long time.. Why is Fei so pretty..