Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A fan who consistently comes to Lovelyz's fansign and tells them to 'lift their legs'

I was watching a fancam of Lovelyz's fansign and was very surprised to hear a fanboy said, 'Spread your legs', when he made an eye-contact with the member. Is that even something appropriate to say? You should be embarrassed of yourself.

I checked again and it is true that he told them to LIFT (not spread) their legs. Skip to 18.10.

He doesn't do this once or twice. He was always there, in every Lovelyz's fansign that I went to. And Sujeong said, 'We can't do that', when she heard him if I'm not wrong. Anyway, not only the girls, but also the fans are very uncomfortable to hear such thing at the fansign. And he doesn't do that once or twice, he does that a lot. I just hope they would black-list the fans that make people uncomfortable at fansigns, just don't allow them to come to the girls' fansigns ever again. 

(I tried to link the video, but seems like it has already been taken down from Youtube)


-What is the company doing;;

-Son of a b*tch..

-Why should their spread their legs for you;;

-Is he out of his mind..? The company needs to do something about this;;

-Son of a b*tch, I hope he gets sued..

-Hul..? And their company just ignores this..?

-Isn't their company should be doing something about it..? What the hell are they doing..? This is crazy..

-Ew.. I feel like puking, that's disgusting..

-Okay, what does he exactly want? For the girls to lift their skirts?? He must be out of his mind..

-This is insane.. Woolim, please do something about this..

-Hul.. Why isn't he black-listed yet??

-What does he mean by 'lift your legs'..? I don't understand..
  -No.. In the girls' recent comeback, there's this part of the choreography where Mijoo lifts her leg. And I think he was talking about that. But if he's requesting her to lift her leg in a fansign, it could mean something else..