Sunday, March 17, 2019

Updates on #BurningGateSun (March 16th and 17th)

I forgot to give updates on the blog yesterday

March 16th:
-Choi Jonghoon finished investigation, denies asking police for DUI cover-up
-Yoo Inseok revealed to be the key man in the chatroom
-Police have confiscated 6 phones from JJY, Seungri, and Yoo
-The thing that Jung Joonyoung did when one of the victims begged him to delete the videos
-The police superintendent claims he knows Yoo Inseok, denies the cover up and states he doesn't know Jung Joonyoung
-JJY convinced the victims that he would make them into celebrities if they sleep with him
-Burning Sun allowing underages to enter the club (This one is a long story)
-Lee Jonghyun under fire for harassing female colleagues sexually on stage

March 17th:
-Another leaked chatrooms, Seungri stated that law works like shit in Korea
-Cha Taehyun and Kim Junho swept up in a betting scandal. To step down from any TV Shows they're in
-FNC denies that Jonghyun harassed his female colleagues sexually, claims it's a groundless rumor
-CEO Lee Moonho says that if Seungri's Kakao Talk is considered as a crime, then all Korean men must be criminals as well