Sunday, March 17, 2019

Is.. it possible to eat all of these by your ownself?

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Spicy rice cakes and laver
Two burgers

-Not possible for me..

-I would never be able to eat all of those at once by my ownself..

-Incredible Burger..? I would be full just by eating that burger..

-I'm already full just by eating one burger..

-I think three people can eat that set and each of them would feel full in the end..

-I think I would already be full just by eating half of that Incredible Burger..

-What challenge is this..?

-Honestly speaking, this is impossible..

-I probably would get full by the Spicy Rice Cakes and drink cola to wash down the spiciness..

-How much is that set..?

-I can divide that set for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner..

-Nope.. I'm already full just by eating two burgers..

-I personally think it's.. possible..?

-I can't. But I think Benzz can..

-Whoa, that looks delicious. I'm hungry now..

-It's possible for me if it wasn't for the cola. Cola makes me feel full..