Sunday, March 17, 2019

FNC Ent. Reps “Lee Jonghyun sexually harassing his female colleagues is just a groundless rumour”

-He doesn't remember his Kakao Talk chatroom from 3 to 4 years ago, but he seems to remember that incident..?

-Is he going to continue to be celebrity..?

-He is not going to retire from the industry..?

-Has his company lost their minds..??

-This company is seriously weird..

-So what, you f*cker.. I don't even want to see him again..

-Why did FNC say anything when Lee Hongki got swept up in a rumor.. Now look at them trying to defend this criminal's ass..

-Why are these bunch of fools keep on shielding him..?

-I heard that I-fans were the one who spread the rumors. So what? Are they going to sue those I-fans now..??

-This company is seriously so stupid..

-So what, just f*cking retire from the industry..

-This company seems to be crazy.. They're shielding a criminal..

-So when is he going to retire from the industry?

-Maybe they will come back to their right mind once the fans boycott him..