Sunday, March 17, 2019

Two idols who are being in talk because of their resemblance

When Juri appeared in Produce 101, no one mentioned about their resemblance.
Now that Juri joined Woolim, people are starting to notice it.

-They don't look similar in my eyes..

-The first picture is Sujeong..? Who is in the second picture..?

-Aren't they the same person..?

-They don't look similar.. It's my first time seeing the girl in the first picture, she's really beautiful..

-They have similar vibes and makeup style, but I don't think their faces resemble each other..

-First of all, they have different eyes..

-Both of them are Lee Jungyeob's pick..

-I know both Ryu Sujeong and Juri Takahashi, but they don't resemble each other..

-I think they slightly look similar..? Anyway, both of them are beautiful..

-I think I know what the OP is trying to point out.. Is it because of their face shape..?

-Juri reminds me of Bora from Reply 1988, the character was played by Ryu Hye Young..

-They have similar face shape..

-I think Juri looks like Kei more than Sujeong, though..?

-Both of them totally have the type of face that Woolim Ent. loves.. Maybe that's why people think they look similar..?