Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tiffany's styling after leaving SM

-I think she suits darker hair better..

-Isn't that Tiffany from SNSD..? She left SM..? I just found out about it now, so shocking.. Hul..

-She can do whatever she wants.. People who judge about other people's stylings are seriously so pathetic..

-I personally think she looks better with this type of styling..

-Wow.. Damn, the hair color doesn't suit her skin tone but she still looks amazing..

-She reminds me of that actress who stars in Crazy Rich Asians..

-She looks so much better here compared to her styling back when she was in SM Ent..

-I think she would look so much prettier if her eyebrows were less thicker..

-What.. She looks so f*cking cool.. It feels like she finally found her real identity..

-It would be so much better if she matched her eyebrows to her hair color, but she looks beautiful anyway..

-She's so freaking gorgeous.. A Goddess..

-She looks pretty, though..? She can do whatever she wants with her hairㅋㅋ

-Ariana Grande..?

-She looks so freaking cool..

-She looks so f*cking gorgeous..