Sunday, March 17, 2019

[NCT] I have something I'm curious about..

Which songs do you think have the easiest choreography?
They're really great in terms of performance, I can't figure it out by my ownself
I've been observing their videos for 40 minutes straight, while admiring their visuals.
There are a lot of difficult choreographies. 
Even when I watch the video that was filmed with non-moving camera (It looks easy, but when you try it, it's actually not).
I'm curious about your opinion, NCTzens..

-None for me..

-We Go Up..?

-We Young is probably the easiest out of them all, isn't it..?

  ㄴCompared to the other choreography, this looks way easier but that doesn't mean it's actually easyㅋㅋ But I was asking for an easy choreography so first of all, I'm going to agree with you..

-Without You.. 

  ㄴYou probably think it looks easy since the boys are always smiling when they perform, but it's actually quite difficult..

-Chewing Gum?!
  ㄴI agree, if there were no hover boards..

-I personally think it's Boss..


-Touch and 0 Mile..?

-Switch, Dunk Shot > Touch > We Young

-On the opposite, I think it's Limitless..

-First of all, it's not Cherry Bomb..

-Touch is probably the easiest! It's actually possible to follow the choreographyㅋㅋㅋ