Monday, December 31, 2018

The person who gets to date J-Hope must be really lucky..

I have never seen anyone as perfect as him in my real life, for real.
I never understand why people stan idols, but this guy.. He broke that mindset of mine in just 3 seconds.
I've liked him ever since then, the more I get into him, the lovelier he gets.
I get upset to realize that in real life, I have no chance with him, that I can only see him from distance.
The person who gets to date, or even marries him, in the future must've saved the whole nation in their previous life.

I'm sad..


1. [+60][-0] I agree.. I feel happy just by seeing him. He's a hard-worker, he always gives 100% on stage and I respect him for that..

2. [+59][-0] According to people who have seen him in person at Happy Together, he looks beautiful both on and off camera.. He slayed the audience, totally enjoyed his own performance..

3. [+55][-0] The more you get into him, the more amazing you'll realize he is. He loves to joke around, he smiles a lot, he gets along with his members. Even though the members are very comfortable with him, they are actually very scared of him, and RM too..ㅠㅠ Not only lovers, even as friends, I think he's the kind of person that you'll learn a lot from..

4. [+25][-0] Hobi is full of charisma and also a hard-worker. But off-stage, he turns into an adorable and understanding guy. During an interview in the US, he noticed that Namjoon was having a hard time to take off his microphone, so he signed to the translator to help him take the mic off.. That was so heart-fluttering!!

5. [+20][-0] When I first know BTS, I thought it was just a concept. But seeing by how he still hasn't changed at all, despite gaining so much popularity and becoming a legit superstar, I know that I was wrong. I understand why his fellow team mates rely on him so much.