Monday, December 31, 2018

I'm so sick and tired of idols-turned-actors/actresses

All of them suck at acting
Whenever I see dramas that feature idols, I quickly change the channel.
If they debuted as a singer, and decided to act on dramas or movies, they should've worked hard on their acting skills so that they get less hate comments. 
Or maybe if they have conscience, they should've started with small roles before taking big roles or main characters. Whenever I see idols who play as the main characters, I can only think "They have no shame at all"

Go to Youtube and search for "Baeksan Arts Awards Unpopular Actors and Actresses"
You'll choke on your tears while watching them.

Idols.. Please don't take over the acting industryㅡㅡ
I still can't acknowledge any of idols-turned-actors/actresses, except for Im Siwan. 
All of SNSD's members can't act. 

Cheon Woohee is the best


1. [+101][-15] Do Kyungsoo has a great acting skills, though.. In his movies and dramas, he's an actor. You can't even see his 'idol' sides of him at all..

2. [+61][-11] Of course, there are a lot of idols who can't act, but so are the idols who actually can. First of all, IU, Yook Sungjae, D.O, Im Siwan, etc. There are a lot of people who claim that IU can't act, but after watching her in The Scarlet Heart, I have to admit that she's pretty good at it. And for Yook Sungjae, he appeared in Who Are you, Goblin, etc, and he always does well. I heard he's going to be the main character in his upcoming drama, I believe he will do well. And D.O did a great job in 100 Days My Prince. So please, don't stereotype idols-turned-actors/actresses.

3. [+25][-2] Cheon Woohee's small role in Sunny is seriously her life-turning-point.. Her roles in Han Gongju and Sunny get me goosebumps all over my body..

4. [+23][-2] I can acknowledge Im Siwan and Do Kyungsoo.. You can't compare them to other idols-turned-actors/actresses.

5. [+16][-3] There are some idols who are actually good at acting.. People like the OP are just dragging the public's opinion and in the end, make them miss all the good movies and dramas..