Saturday, July 14, 2018

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The reason why fans are raged to hear Lee Changsub and Jung Jae Eun's dating rumor

Is it because Lee Changsub got himself a girlfriend?


The fact is,

He was spotted linking arms with a woman 
on the same day the fansign was held,
in the Starbucks located near the fansign's venue,
only a few hours before the fansign started. 

How could he not know that fans usually wait in the cafe near fansign's venue when he has been an idol for a quite long time.

On top of that, he was wearing the exactly same outfit for the fansign.

The fans are fine with him being in relationship.
But he didn't really have to show it off to his fans, and there's no way that his fans would like it (him being in a relationship).

This is why fans can't help but get mad at him


-It's okay to be in a relationship, but did he really have to be that obvious in front of his fans?ㅠㅠ

-Is that Jung Jae Eun, the woman he was linking arms with?

-I'm not mad at him, at all, though?

-I wonder why did they decide to meet up near the fansign venue..?

-Honestly, I'm fine with my idol being in a relationship as long as they do it in secret..ㅜㅜ I would hate it if they act so obvious on public..

-In a cafe right next to the fansign venue?? That's crazy..

-Isn't it just the same thing with me going to the Starbucks near my office before going to work..??

-The fans must be really upset to see that..

-Did he really have to be so obvious..?

-If he really did it on purpose, doesn't it mean that he wants his fans to know..?

-I seriously don't understand him.. Did he really have to bring his girlfriend to a cafe near the fansign venue just a few hours before it started?

-I'm a fan and honestly I'm not that mad at him.. I just want him to be more careful with this stuff in the future..

-I just saw an article saying that they're not in a relationship. So what's the truth??