Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The physical figure of Donald Trump's son

Age: 11 years old
Height: 180cm

-???Whoa.. Hul..

-If that's really his son then his wife must be really pretty..

-180cm..? And on top of that, he has a really small face..

-This family has a really great excellent except for their father..

-Are those.. by any chance.. New Balance?

-Oppa.. Why are you 10 years younger than me?

-He's only 11 years old an yet he's already 180cm tall..? Whoa.. That's amazing..

-But isn't Donald Trump considered as short..? Is he even 180cm..?

-11 years old..? That means he was born in 2007..?

-How could a 4th grader be that tall..

-Everyone in Donald Trump's family are actually tall.. Even his daughter is over 180cm..

-Whoa.. That's unbelievable.. I was 147cm tall back in 4th grade..

-Hul.. That's crazy..