Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Nu'est is really..

The amazing thing about Nu'est is that..
Look at these screen captures of their V App before Produce 101.
It could've been really upsetting for them, but look at how they never complain about it..

-No one is here..
-It's okay, it's still recorded even though no one is here. We still can see it again later.

We have 7 people here.

I guess people are not watching because it's dinner time..

And Kim Jonghyun's VApp yesterday:

You don't have to walk on the thorny paths anymore now..


1. [+37][-0] My heart aches to see that.. Let's become a superstar now, boys..

2. [+30][-0] Please let Kang Dongho and Nu'est to be successful..
Just imagine how pretty is Kang Dongho's flowery paths now that he's been walking on thorny paths for a really long time..

3. [+27][-0] I'm not their fan but it really hurts my heart to look back at those times.. I believe that the only thing left for them now is to be successful..

4. [+21][-0] It must not be easy for them to constantly releasing albums despite the low public recognition they had at that time.. I think they're really amazing for that. It seems like all of the members have the mental of steel. I don't think this only works for celebrities, but also for commoners like us. As long as we believe in ourselves, there will come a day where we can shine brighter than how we used to. 

5. [+21][-0] I think this is the reason why Nu'est is really thankful for all the popularity they have gained now, and this will also be the reason for them to not lose their roots easily.