Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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YG almost added One to fill Nam Taehyun's space in Winner.. "He could've been Winner's new member"

원, 남태현 공백 채울 뻔.."위너 멤버 될 수도 있었다" | 인스티즈

-His visual suits the group really well, but it means that there would be 3 rappers in the group if he joined Winner.. It will be a disadvantage to them since they could overshadow each other.. I think the current members are perfect enough..

-He somehow looks like Kim Jinwoo..

-No.. I like them as 4..

-Whoa.. That could've been a big problem.. I think One as solo and Winner as 4 members are the best for both parties..

-Oh.. One is finally making his debut..

-That means Winner would have 3 rappers then..

-I heard YG was about to put him in iKON before.. It must've been tough for One, I wish him all the best..

-Yang Hyunsuk almost made a big mess..

-His visual would fit the group just fine, but there would be too much rappers in the group if he had joined..ㅠㅠ

-I just saw an article about Samuel going to make his debut soon.. These two guys that used to be in the same group are making their own solo debuts..

-I think Winner is actually better with 4 members..

-It would've been fine if the member who left Winner was a rapper, since One is also a rapper and he could fill the empty space..ㅠㅠ I admit that his visual suits the group just fine, though.. Anyway, I'm rooting for both One and Winner~~~