Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Why is Jimin an idol?

I can prove you that I'm not a BTS' fan.

Why did Jimin debut as an idol? I'm not hating on him or anything like that, I'm just.. really surprised right now. He suits BTS.. But if he's this talented, he could go to a dance competition overseas and win the first place easily.. 

I heard he majored in modern dance back then?.. And his teachers opposed him to be an idolㅠ
He's so talented until the point that being an idol is not a good decision for himㅠㅠ
Eventhough he really suits BTS right now!


1. [+145][-3] I wonder if that's what Jimin would do if he didn't debut as an idol.. It's really heart-breaking..

2. [+128][-5] Thank you for this post.. But I think the reason why he debuted as an idol is to.. make other people happy..? I'm really grateful for the fact that he chose to be an idol..ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+121][-3] Jimin would be successful no matter what he does..  He's not only talented, but he's also a hard-worker.. He would be successful at everything he does, especially if it has something to do with dancing..<3 Thank you for writing a good post about Jimin, OP-ya..

4. [+45][-0] My heart breaks slowly when I read this post..
If Jimin wasn't an idol, this is probably how his youth looks like, right?

5. [+39][-0] Jimin's beautiful skills are his blessing..

6. [+34][-0] He was born with the talent, I can see it because I'm currently majoring in modern dance.. And the way he could move tenderly, but also full with power at the same time is the proof of all of his hard work.. He never fails to amaze me..ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+29][-0] The producer of Pin Up Girl said that s/he wants to see Jimin dances solo to one of his/her songㅜㅜ
'I personally want to see Jimin's dancing solo to my song, 'Never Mind' from 'Modern Dance Music' Vol. 4'

8. [+20][-2 He really looks cool when he dances.. My sibling, who's not interested in idols, can even remember him as 'the orange haired guy who's good at dancing' (He dyed his hair to another color and my sibling can't recognize him anymore)ㅋㅋㅋ I'm not his fan but I admit that his singing ability is also really great..

9. [+19][-0] Jimin.. Park Jimin, this brat has become really successful nowㅋㅋㅋ Jimin-ah you're so cool.. I still remember how short and dark you were back then. You used to follow me and my friends everywhere and now look at you.. You have become really popular, more popular than I could ever thought.. This hyung will always support you!

10. [+18][-6] He's one of the best dancers in the industry.. His body line and expressions always look great whenever he dances..