Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Idol groups who are famous for their live singings

Bigbang, Infinite, BTOB, Sistar, Mamamoo..

You can't help but admire their singing abilities once you watch to their MR Removed videos.. They sound really great as if they eat their own CDs..


1. [+228][-55] I thought it was just SHINee, Beast, and Infinite.. Bigbang only performs at SBS, anyway..

2. [+212][-7] For boy groups, it's SHINee, Beast, Infinite, and BTOB. While for girl groups, it's Sistar and Mamamoo..

3. [+136][-19] Beast, SHINee.

4. [+82][-3] The groups who have been famous for their live singings since a long time ago are SHINee, Beast, and Infinite. Mamamoo and BTOB were added to the list last year..

5. [+75][-0] I think it's originally SHINee, Beast, and Infinite.. But I think BTOB can be considered good as well, right now.. For girl groups, it's Mamamoo and Sistar.

6. [+68][-0] Bigbang, SHINee, Infinite, Beast and BTOB are really good at live singings.. And B1A4, BAP, Winner come after those five..

7. [+57][-3] Why did you not write SHINee and Beastㅋ

8. [+51][-1] Bigbang, SHINee, Beast, Infinite.

9. [+48][-0] Isn't it SHINee and Beast? They're the only groups I can think of when it comes to live singings.. Are you leaving them out of the list on purpose, OP? Add Beast and SHINee there..

10. [+45][-1] It's obviously Beast and SHINee..