Thursday, December 29, 2016


I'm in a train and the woman who sits in front of me is really pretty. What should I do?

She looks really lovely, cute, and pretty..
We just made an eyecontact earlier and I stopped breathing for a second.
She's so pretty.. She's totally my type..
*inaudible noises*

-I guess you just saw me..
  -(OP) ^^.. The woman in front of me is not playing her phone..

-Are you talking about me..?ㅋ

-I bet he has a boyfriend.

-Ask for her number. 
  -(OP) I'm a woman..

-Stop looking at me.. It's burdensome..

-I'm at home, though..?

-(OP) I seriously want to slap all of you..

-I'm currently watching TV at home, though..?

-I'm at home..ㅠㅠ

-Ask for her number..
  -(OP) I just got off from the train..

-Ah..! You just saw me..!

-Kiss her

-Omo.. When did you see me?

-I have never gotten on a train in my life, though..?

-Hmm?? I'm not in a train right now.. It's weird..

-Tell her that she's pretty once you both get off from the train!

-Ah.. No wonder why you keep on glancing at me..

-Are you talking about me? When did you see me, though?

-Is it me that you're talking about? I noticed there was someone who kept on laughing whenever she saw me..

-It's too bad that you haven't seen me..

-010 222 3333. Call me.