Friday, June 10, 2016

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Mingyu♡Yubin who are getting a lot of attention for looking similar to each other

Kim Mingyu

Song Yubin

I've heard a lot that Song Yubin looks like Kim Mingyu
So I searched up his pictures and put it next to Mingyu's to see how similar they are!!

 (left: Mingyu, right: Yubin)

If Mingyu was a cold pool in Sauna.. should I say that Yubin is the warm pool?
They strangely look like each other..

And Yubin mentioned Mingyu in an interview recently!

Q: Thanks to your looks, now you're being compared a lot to an idol group Seventeen's member, Kim Mingyu. There are a lot of Seventeen's fans who pay attention to Song Yubin now.
A: Anyway, it makes me pay attention to Seventeen more. I really like it because they're promoting well now. They have this feeling that teenager in 10s would really like. When I see them performing on stage, they're always overflowing with energy. Especially Mingyu hyung, he looks really familiar to me. He's only a year older than me. He's really handsome (smiles)

-Ah.. I thought this was going to be a dating scandals about Wonder Girls' Yubin..

-I thought this was going to be WG's Yubin.. It's my first time seeing this fine man..

-Hul.. They really look similar..

-They look somewhat similar.. but not really.. but similar..

-They ambiguously look similar..

-They look like each other but Mingyu looks cold while Yubin looks like a warmer person..!

-Whoa.. They look like each other in their own way..

-I can't see the similarities but I have to agree that they both are handsome..

-Well.. I don't really see the similarities.. Is it because I'm a Carat..

-Mingyu..Hyung? (Confused)(Shaking Pupils) Are they close to each other..? Am I the only one who doesn't know this..

-I was like 'Oh?? He looks like Song Yubin!!' when I first saw Mingyu..

-They have different charms..

-The most important thing is that both of them are handsome..

-Yubin looks like UKnowYunho for me..

-They don't look like each other..

-They look like siblings..

-Ah.. Mingyu looks cold? I personally think that our Mingyu is a really handsome and warm person though..

-They look similar in several pictures..