Friday, March 22, 2019

When do you usually charge your battery?

A. You keep on charging
B. When it hits 80%
C. When it's under 50%
D. When it finally hits 20%
E. When it dies


-When it hits 3%-ish..

-Somewhere between A and B..

-A when I'm in the office, D when I'm at home..

-Somewhere between C and D..

-It's usually A, but D when I'm playing games..

-Somewhere between D and E. I usually start charging when it hits 5%..

-Somewhere between D and E.. I'm too lazy to charge my phone..

-D.. I heard it's not good to charge your phone that often..

-I read somewhere that it's not good to charge your phone when it's fully charged and to wait until the phone dies.. I'm D..

-Don't people usually charge their phone the first thing when they get home..?

-A.. I always have my phone charged when I'm in the office.

-B. I start charging when it hits 70%..

-When I remember to charge it..

-When it has 2% left..?

-I heard the best time to charge your phone is when it's on 30 to 40%..