Friday, March 22, 2019

SM Artist's album designs after SM changed their Art Director

Min Heejin, who worked as an Art Director in SM for a quite long time, decided to be a freelancer and Kim Sejoon took over the place since Taemin's comeback in February.

Kim Sejun, a stylist and also recently introduced as the new Visual Director in SM Ent.

They surely give off diferent vibes

sm 아트디렉터 바뀐 뒤의 앨범 디자인 | 인스티즈

EXO Chen's album that's coming out on April 1st
sm 아트디렉터 바뀐 뒤의 앨범 디자인 | 인스티즈

The design is beautiful and it looks like it's going to get more attention from the public. 
I think he does a really good job on delivering the artist's image through the design.

+) The pictorials that Kim Sejun contributed in
sm 아트디렉터 바뀐 뒤의 앨범 디자인 | 인스티즈
sm 아트디렉터 바뀐 뒤의 앨범 디자인 | 인스티즈
sm 아트디렉터 바뀐 뒤의 앨범 디자인 | 인스티즈
sm 아트디렉터 바뀐 뒤의 앨범 디자인 | 인스티즈

-I'm loving it..

-I love it.. I totally love it.. I'm looking forward to his designs for the other artists as well..

-I love it, but I still can't move on from Min Heejin's designs.. They were totally my type..

-Chen's album somehow looks like a bookㅠㅠ It suits Chen's image really well!

-Honestly, I really love it..

-Whoa, Chen's album looks really beautiful..

-Please do NCT's albums too..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Chen's album reminds me of a book, I want to have one..

-Thank you so much for your contribution..

-I really love the design for Taemin's latest album..ㅠㅠ

-Thank you so much for saving and also delivering Taemin's image really well through the design..ㅠㅠ

-I'm really looking forward to his other work..ㅠㅠ

-Honestly speaking, I like his designs more than Min Heejin's..

-Hul.. SM is finally free from the square thingy..

-I love Kim Sejun as stylist too..ㅠㅠ The outfits he comes up with never fail to amaze me..