Sunday, March 10, 2019

What is the first song that comes up to your mind when the word 'Ring My Bell' is mentioned?

-Dynamic Duo's..

-Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring My Bell~~ Girls Day's..?


-Two X's..

-My bias, Girls Day~

-Ring my bell.. Ring my, bell bell~

-I thought of Girls Day's song with Suzy's face...

-Ring ring ring ring ring my bell, my head spins around~ My heart feels like exploding,boy.. Say my name baby~

-Ring Ma Bell by Two X's!!

-Sunny Hill!! I don't really know the exact song but one of the comments here remind me of it..

-Ring ma bell!! My love, call me quickly~~ Be my love, when you miss me~~

-For me it's 2X..? I thought of their song!! I remember it's an underrated song, but I always think of it every now and then..

-Spending this special night with Double D!!~