Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Female idol who is doing really well despite all the hate she gets

She gets a lot of comments saying that female idols who got popular only because of her body usually won't last long in the industry and that she'll flop soon, etc.
But she's still doing okay, she even became the MC of awards ceremonies.

-There's nothing to hate about her.. She has a great personality, she's also a hard-worker..

-She's good at singing.. I watched a live performance of her in Dingo and she has a really bright and beautiful voice..

-Seolhyun is beautiful, and she's so freaking adorable..

-She was born to be a celebrity.. She might be lacking in acting or singing, but I find her adorable..

-Yeah, I like her a lot..

-I've always liked Seolhyun, even during the 'darkest' time..

-The only thing I hate about her is the company she's under and all the media-play they do..

-Yeah, I remember those times when people hated her a lot..

-She's nice, she never harms other people, she's cute.. And even in the Dispatch pictures of hers, the one where they spot her and Zico dating, she looked cute..

-I love Seolhyun..

-I love her so much.. Especially the way she talks, which is just so cute..

-She's so pretty.. And she also has body goals..

-She's very down to earth and friendly. I love her so much.