Sunday, December 30, 2018

Picture that confuses fans whether if it's Wanna One's Minhyun or Exo's Sehun

-Those are not Sehun's eyebrows.. His are so much thicker and longer..

-Hul, I thought that was Sehun..

-You're telling me that's not Sehun??

-That's obviously Sehun..

-It's too Sehun-ish that it looks like Hwang Minhyun, if I'm making sense..

-Hul, that's Minhyun..? I seriously thought that was Sehun..

-Anyone can tell it's Sehun..

-Sehun has a great skin, he has never had any zit on his cheeks like that..

-His face appears to be longer because of his facial expressions, I think..

-That's so Sehun.. So tell me, who's that?

-I read the title but the guy on the picture looks like Lee Dongwook in my opinion..ㅋㅋ


-That's not Sehun's nose..

-The nose is so Minhyun..

-I thought that was V, though..?

-Sehun's ears don't look like that, and also Sehun's face is a little bit longer..

Answer: It's Hwang Minhyun