Friday, July 21, 2017

The line up of singers and idols who are going to have a comeback or debut in July-August

The singers who are planning to and already doing promotions in July-August

July 9th: Red Velvet's comeback

July 11th: One's debut

July 13th: Zico's comeback

July 14th: Lyn's comeback

July 14th: WJSN's comeback (No promotions)

July 15th: Hotshot's comeback

July 17th: Jay Park's comeback

July 17th: Lee Jin Ah's comeback

July 18th: Exo's comeback

July 18th: Geeks' comeback

July 19th: KARD's debut

July 19th: Jung Yonghwa's comeback

July 20th: KNK's comeback

July 20th: Akdong Musician's comeback

July 20th: Jang Moonbok's debut

July 24th: BTOB's Im Hyunsik Solo (No promotions)

July 25th: Nu'est W's comeback (No promotions)

July 26th: The East Light's comeback

July 27th: Shannon's comeback

July 27th: MXM's debut (Im Youngmin x Kim Donghyun)

July 28th: Buzz's comeback

July 31st: Yongguk&Sihyun's debut

July 31st: JJ Project's comeback

August 1st: GFriend's comeback

August 2nd: Kim Samuel's debut

August 2nd: N.Flying's comeback

August 3rd: Nine Muses' comeback

August 3rd: CLC's comeback

August 5th: SNSD's planned comeback

August 7th: Wanna One's debut

August 8th: Weki Meki's comeback

Early August: Jessica's comeback (No promotions)

Early August: Winner's comeback

Mid-August: Taeyang's comeback

Mid-August: BAP's comeback

Late August: VIXX LR's comeback

Late August: Highlight Gikwang's solo comeback

Late August: Taemin's comeback

Late August: Gugudan Mina and Hyeyeon's comeback as sub-unit

Late August: DIA's comeback

July 20th: Snuper's comeback
July 27th: Dream Catcher's comeback
August 2nd: ONF's debut (WMBoys) 
August: Golden Child's debut (Woolim Boys)


1. [+102][-14] Samuel is going to release album on August 2nd at 4PM KST. I'm really looking forward to it.

2. [+81][-10] Samuel's full album will be released at 4PM on August 2nd. Please give him a lot of support!

3. [+70][-9] BTOB's Im Hyunsik is going to release a solo track on July 24th..

4. [+38][-2] Please give a lot of support for Samuel who is going to release his full album on August 2nd<3

5. [+35][-1] I'm supporting all of singers listed in this post<3 Samuel is going to debut by releasing a mini album titled 'Sixteen' on August 2nd at 4PM.. Please support him a lot!

6. [+27][-0] Please give our cheerful Samuel a lot of love, he's going to release his 1st mini album on August 2nd!

7. [+27][-0] Samuel's mini album, Sixteen, is going to be released on August 2nd at 4PM KST.. I love him<3

8. [+27][-0] I'm really looking forward to his title track and the M/V..

9. [+27][-1] I'm really nervous just by the thoughts of seeing Samuel dancing on stage..

10. [+22][-1] Fighting, Samuel..