Friday, July 21, 2017

The hashtag #DoYouWantKorea that becomes the trending topic in Twitter

The trending topics in Twitter

The summary of the whole incident:

KARD suffered from a racial discrimination in a Brazil TV show

트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
Are there any of the viewers who want to marry this group's members?
Do you want to marry them?

트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
Your eyes will turn like this if you date them

It becomes a hot issue in South Korea.
And the article got translated by Netizenbuzz. Netizenbuzz is a website that translates comments from Korean articles, mostly from Nate, to English.
It's a site that international fans visit to check the reactions of Korean netizens.
This website is very famous for translating provocative and negative comments, which makes the image of Korean netizens look bad in international fans' eyes.
They don't only translate about Korean celebrities, but also about the politics in South Korea.

트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈

The comments that are translated by that site are mostly about how Korean netizens call Brazil as the Third World, and also about how they call Brazil has nothing for economy, education, etc.. And just like what usually happens, Brazilian Kpop fans and also some other kpop fans from other country start to hate on Korean netizens. 

There are over than 700 comments in that post..
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈

트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈

And it the end, this hashtag becomes one of the trending topic in Twitter..
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
트위터에서 난리난 #doyouwantkorea 사건 | 인스티즈
The post is about a Brazilian MC's racist statement towards KARD, but people are blaming Koreans in the comment sections..

In the end, some of the netizens apologized to the Brazilian for their comments.
But that Brazilian MC still hasn't apologized at all until this second.

-They're trying to change the target on purpose..

-You can truly see the whole country's true colors..

-Do whatever you want.. What you did totally show your true colors and levels..

-What's wrong with that MC..

-Tryng tong translateng myng commentng ifng young canng

-Hul.. That website is an anti.. I often visit that site because I have a big interest in Kpop but all they do is trying to make the Korean netizens image look bad..

-Are they some elementary school students?? So childish..

-They sound ridiculous..

-Through this incident I can truly see what kind of country Brazil is..

-Whoa.. DSP, don't ever send KARD to Brazil again.. They didn't come far away to Brazil to get treated like thatㅠㅠ I'm very upset to hear this news..ㅠㅠ

-This is really frustrating..

-I thought Brazilians were nice, I guess I was wrong..

-Just don't ever send Korean idols to Brazil anymore..

-What do they think they're doing..?

-They have to apologize as soon as possible..

-I don't even have the strength to be mad at them anymore..ㅋㅋㅋ


-What on the world is going on here..