Friday, July 21, 2017


Kim Doyeon could've done better..

A group needs to be balanced in every aspects, though.. But Doyeon looks very outstanding in her group, both in height and also visual aspect. I'm not saying that the other girls are ugly, it's just that Doyeon looks very very outstanding. And I don't think Yoojung is considered as short in her group.. I just think that, she could've debuted in a better group..


1. [+402][-4] Honestly, she's the only celebrity in that group..

2. [+396][-1] I don't think Fantagio knows what 'Balance' is.. Look at Astro's Cha Eunwoo, Hello Venus' Nara, Surprise's Seo Kangjoon.. They're the only popular member in their group, I think the same thing applies to Kim Doyeon as well..

3. [+233][-4] Kim Doyeon looks so freaking pretty in that group.. Even though she has always been that pretty.

4. [+95][-1] Fantagio disappoints me a lot this time.. I heard there are over than 10,000 girls who auditioned to debut with Doyeon and Yoojung..

5. [+76][-0] Kim Doyeon suits the girl crush concept better.. But the concept that her group is going with is more like girlish and baby-ish..

6. [+62][-1] She should've debuted in a group like Pristin..

7. [+41][-1] Frankly speaking, I think Dodaeng will hit so much bigger if they debuted as a duo.. Doyeon can attract a lot of fangirls, while Yoojung attracts the fanboys to join their fandom..

8. [+37][-0] I miss IOI..

9. [+37][-3] I'm going to be really honest here.. I think it will be hard for them to survive in this industry..

10. [+30][-1] I don't think Doyeon suits to be an idol.. I'm not saying that she's lacking in anything, she's just too good to be an idol.. I think she would suit to be a CF Model or actress better than idol..