Friday, July 21, 2017


The drama that is well known for having the male lead character who's prettier than the female lead character

Fighter of The Destiny
Exo's ex-member, Luhan, is the male lead character of this drama

여자주인공보다 남자주인공이 더 예쁘다는 드라마 | 인스티즈
여자주인공보다 남자주인공이 더 예쁘다는 드라마 | 인스티즈
여자주인공보다 남자주인공이 더 예쁘다는 드라마 | 인스티즈
여자주인공보다 남자주인공이 더 예쁘다는 드라마 | 인스티즈

FYI, Luhan is listed as the richest young people right after Fan Bing Bing.

-Somehow, I feel strange..

-He really does look very beautiful..

-Both of them are beautiful!

-Whoa.. Does he not even age..? He still looks exactly the same with how he used to look a few years ago..

-His face hasn't changed at all..

-Whoa.. Luhan is really pretty..

-It's been.. a long time..

-Right after Fan Bing Bing???? Wow, that's fantastic..

-The face of the actress is out of the focus so I can't see it clearly but I have a feeling that she's also very beautiful..

-Whoa.. Luhan is both handsome and beautiful at the same time..

-Whoa.. Luhan looks like Song Jihyo..

-He's indeed very beautiful.. But I still can see the actress' beauty even though her face is blurred out..

-Luhan is really handsome..

-He's so freaking beautiful, whoa..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Right after Fan Bing Bing.. That's amazing.. Are you happy with your life now, Luhan-ah?

-Whoa.. Seems like he really does earn a lot of money there..

-I don't think the comparison is necessary, thoughㅠㅠ 

-He used to be my bias in Exo..ㅎ The actress is very gorgeous!