Friday, July 21, 2017

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Nayeon's update on Twice's Instagram becomes a controversy

'Once, be careful of the mosquito.. There's a mosquito terror going on on my legs, I can't stop scratching it the whole day.. Ah.. #DontBiteOnce'

It becomes a controversy because she uses the word 'terror' very lightly

-Why is this a problem..?

-Are people just being a little bit sensitive because there are a lot of terrors recently..?

-People are just being too sensitive..

-I think it's just haters trying to bring her down..

-?? What is wrong with that Instagram update?

-But why..? What is the reason..??

-People keep on attacking Twice even for the smallest things they do.. Ugh..

-People are just exaggerating things..

-I think those people just want to hate on her but have no other reason besides that..


-Does it become controversy because my girl looks really beautiful in that picture?

-The only thing I can do after seeing this is just to sigh.. Being a celebrity must be really hard..

-Whoa.. I can't believe that people are hating on her because of that small thing..

-Reaching too far..

-I wonder how those people are able to live their life when they're that sensitive..

-??? Be careful of the mosquito, people.. Nayeon is really pretty..

-I don't care about the controversy, Nayeon looks beautiful..

-What..?? A controversy..? But why..??

-That's very absurd..

-Maybe it's not controversial in our country but overseas..?