Friday, July 21, 2017


If you get paid $8940 to not take a shower at all during summer

Would you do it?
You can't take a shower no matter how hot and humid it is outside.
And you still have to go to school.

You will get $8940 if you can do it for a month.

You're allowed to wash your face, but not take a shower.

Upvote if you're willing to do it, downvote if you're not


1. [+17][-2] $8940 for not taking any shower at summer for a month?? I'm not going to do that but I think its not worth it..

2. [+17][-8] I'm willing to do that as long as I'm allowed to wash my hair, genital, and face..

3. [+6][-0] Wouldn't I smell really bad..? Nope.. I'm not willing to throw away my image just for $8940..

4. [+4][-2] I mean, I already smell really bad if I don't take a shower even for a day during summer.. I would be the most unlikable student in school if I go to school without taking a shower for a month.. I will never do that.. Other than that, it's going to be sticky if I don't take showers in summer and I don't like that..

5. [+3][-1] I'm not willing to ruin my social life and be labeled as a disgusting person just for $8940.. I think the flies would stick all over my skin if I don't take any shower during the summer..ㅋㅋ

6. [+2][-0] I can use perfume and dry shampoo to get rid of the smell.. It wouldn't even cost much.. It's a big yes for me..

7. [+2][-0] ㅋThis is really meaningless..

8. [+2][-0] You can just say 'I get paid $9000 to not wash my hair for a month!!' if someone asks about it..

9. [+2][-2] Give me the money first, I'll try the challenge..

10. [+1][-0] I'm willing to do it if I don't have to go to school..ㅋㅋ