Friday, July 21, 2017

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Pristin's visual in your opinion

Both are beautiful, but among the two members who get mentioned the most as Pristin's visual, who do you think the real visual is?

Kyulkyung vs Siyeon

I'm only uploading press pictures to be fair

Year book pictures

Park Siyeon took her year book picture during Produce 101 Season 1, and Kyulkyung took hers last year


1. [+174][-38] I don't know.. Because I've been a fan of Im Nayoung since Produce 101 Season 1..

2. [+170][-40] Kyulkyung!! I'm a non-fan but I saved this gif because she looks very beautiful in it..

3. [+69][-29] It's Siyeon for me..

4. [+64][-4] Kyulkyung..

5. [+49][-16] Kyulkyung is already popular before she debuted with Pristin.. I was watching Pristin's performance and thought 'Whoa.. She's really pretty' when I saw Kyulkyung but then I saw Park Siyeon and I was like 'Hul.. Who's this girl..' because she's so f*cking pretty.. The conclusion is both of them are beautiful in their own way!

6. [+48][-19] Park Siyeon..ㅋㅋ She looks more feminine and cuter.. Nayoung is beautiful as well, but she doesn't really stand out in her group..

7. [+44][-1] Kyulkyung's eyes are really fascinating.. They always shine brightly like stars..

8. [+42][-7] I don't know.. All I can think about whenever I watch their performance is how good Nayoung at dancing, she looks the most outstanding to me..

9. [+31][-17] For me, it's Eunwoo~ The more you look at her, the more charming she gets.. She can be both sexy and cute at the same time.. Anyway, Eunwoo is the most outstanding member in my eyes~

10. [+18][-1] Im Nayoung is the best..