Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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Jeon Somi's uniform

I saw it on her Instagram. She looks so pretty..


1. [+161][-7] This is Hanlim's skirt uniform size 44, it's originally this short.. It looks shorter on her because she's tall..

2. [+145][-107] Her skirt is so freaking short..

3. [+94][-148] Somi wasn't this type of kid back in middle school.. She shortened her skirt way too much..

4. [+61][-4] Hanlim's skirt uniforms are originally that short, and it looks way much shorter on Somi because she's tall.. Shut your mouth if you don't know anything about that.. You guys are so ridiculous..

5. [+41][-3] Somi got interviewed when she first enrolled to Hanlim and in that interview she said, 'The skirt here is really short.' 'Why is the skirt so short?'. I bet you guys didn't even bother to watch the video before judging her. And on top of that, Somi is tall, she has a really long legs. People with short legs absolutely can't relate to that. Get your facts right first without judging, you guys are pathetic.