Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The hairstyle that is back to trend

기어코 돌아온 유행 | 인스티즈
기어코 돌아온 유행 | 인스티즈
기어코 돌아온 유행 | 인스티즈
기어코 돌아온 유행 | 인스티즈

is Wolf Cut..
Does this really have to become a trend all over again??

-Hul.. I was wondering who the last guy is and it turns out to be Baekhyun.. He looks good with that hairstyle, but I hope it doesn't become a trend anymore..

-I was taken aback by how handsome Jiyong is in the first picture..ㅋㅋ

-Am I.. the only one who likes that hairstyle..? It looks sexy..

-I hate it...

-Whoa.. Baekhyun looks so cool..

-Please, no... But Baekhyun looks handsome with it..

-No... It's so frustrating to see..

-Hi, Baekhyun..

-I don't care if it becomes a trend or not as long as my boys don't do it..

-I don't think it will become a trend.. These guys are just doing it for their job as a celebrity..

-Oh.. Zico suits that hairstyle pretty well..

-Their faces save the hairstyles..

-I didn't know this hair was a trend back then..

-Whoa.. This was the hairstyle that Boa did in 2005, during Girls on Top era.. I can't believe it's coming back to trend after 12 years..ㅋㅋ

-That looks weird..ㅠㅠ

-What the heck is going on..

-It's okay.. Because there's no hairstyle that my baby can't rock..

-Baekhyun-ah, it's okay.. I can understand it all.. But honestly, I prefer your previous hairstyles..

-It was the hottest trend around 10 years ago..