Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Whose kid do you want to be reborn as?


1. [+167][-1] The last couple.. I think their kids will have a really pale skin..

2. [+140][-3] Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun's..

3. [+125][-1] I think Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun's kids will be as pale as rice cake..

4. [+55][-3] I'm feeling uneasy because of Rain..

5. [+40][-1] Wonbin and Lee Nayoung's..

6. [+38][-0] Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun's.. I have a quite dark skin tone and it bothers me a lot.. Being reborn as their kid means that I will have a really pale and clear skin..

7. [+33][-3] Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo's kids will be so freaking good-looking..

8. [+32][-1] One thing that I'm really afraid of Rain and Kim Taehee couple is that one of them has a really big nose and the other one has a really small eyes..

9. [+24][-11] I like my current parents the most..

10. [+22][-0] Wonbin and Lee Nayoung without any doubts..ㅋㅋ There's no way that their kids will be average-looking..