Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Super Junior to comeback with 8 members + Netizens demand Sungmin to leave the group

'Super Junior to have a comeback without Kangin, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook'
8인조 컴백 슈주 & 성민 반대하는 팬들 | 인스티즈
[+2459][-69] Sungmin-ah, get out
[+1878][-63] Why do they still include Sungmin?
[+1630][-44] Doesn't Sungmin have any thoughts to leave the group?
[+][-] Remove Sungmin

They're going to comeback with this line up:
Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Sungmin.

-Doesn't he even feel sorry towards his fans?

-Is Sungmin really going to participate in their comeback this time? It's not a joke??

-Korean fans hate him so much, why does he do promotions in Korea?

-Sungmin must be really thick-skinned..

-Sungmin is included in the line up? Whoa..

-Please leave the group.. Look at the mess you've made..

-Wow.. That's amazing..

-Just please leave the group..

-What happened with him though?

-Leave the group.. I can't bring myself to listen to SJ's songs with your voice in it..

-I'm not SJ's fan but I'm also mad at him.. Just imagine how mad and disappointed his fans are then..

-Leave the group.. Do whatever you want except staying in Super Junior..

-You've left a really deep wound in your fans' hearts and you still have the confidence to make a comeback?

-Sungmin-ah, you're really stubborn..

-What's wrong with Ryeowook?

-Doesn't he feel sorry whenever he sees his fans.. Is he heartless?

-Whoa.. This doesn't make any sense at all..

-So f*cking shameless..

-Hul.. Sungmin still hasn't left the group??

-I don't want to donate my money for your baby's diapers..

-Just do that musical that you love..

-Whoa.. I've never seen someone as shameless as he is..

-He's so freaking selfish..ㅋㅋ