Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Aren't you curious about how celebrities world is actually like?

Judging from TOP's Marijuana case and Gain revealing the truth about how she was offered marijuana, I think the celebrity world is much dirtier than I ever thought.. I think there are a lot of 'sponsors' going on there.. Sometimes, I want to be a celebrity because I'm curious about how their world is actually look like.. Maybe the side the world that celebrities talk about in public is just the tip of the iceberg, as netizens, we don't know how their world is actually like..


1. [+412][-14] They're not living in a glamorous way for no reason..

2. [+389][-2] Male celebrities also get 'sponsors', I often see people shielding male celebrities just because they're maleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When a female celebrity suddenly become famous, netizens will accuse them of getting 'sponsored', but when a male celebrity suddenly become famous, they say nothing..

3. [+379][-11] The second dirtiest world after the political world..

4. [+227][-9] Not just celebrity world.. This world is a dirty place to life, after all.. Even normal citizens also get 'sponsors' and do drugs.. The system in South Korea is already rotten..

5. [+196][-2] I personally think TOP got caught doing drugs because of his bad luck.. I'm sure there are actually a lot of celebrities who do drugs but don't get caught because of their fortunes..

6. [+183][-3] I'm suspicious of those actors and actresses who are suck at acting but still get offered the main characters..

7. [+110][-3] The 'sponsor' thing doesn't only exist in Korea, it's all over the world.. Celebrities in Japan, China, even US,etc get 'sponsors' too..

8. [+95][-5] I'm curious about the Hollywood life..

9. [+135][-2] Remember Tahiti's Jisoo? She got offered a sponsor and her father caught the man who offered her by himself.. His father is a police, that man barked up the wrong tree..

10. [+143][-3] 'Sponsors' also exist in beauty pageant.. There are some contestants who actually don't look that pretty, but still win the show..