Wednesday, January 2, 2019

SKY Castle's Hyena to be the celebrity who looks like Sulli the most

I would believe it if someone told me they were cousins..

-I personally think Lai Guan Lin is the idol who looks like Sulli the most..

-She does look like Sulli in pictures, but I have never thought so when I watch the drama..

-I personally think it's Nayeon..

-She looks like Nayeon.. And Lai Guan Lin looks like Sulli..

-She does look like Sulli in selfies, but if you watch videos of her, you won't see the resemblance..

-Kim Bora looks like the mixture of Jihyo and Nayeon from Twice..

-Oh, I can see the resemblance!!

-I can only see Nayeon in her face..

-She only looks like Sulli when she smiles;; It doesn't matter, both look beautiful..

-She looks like Sulli in pictures and looks like Nayeon in videos..

-Her eyes look similar to Sulli's, but their noses are just way too different..

-She looks like Nayeon, though..?

-I think someone from LOONA, is it Yves..? looks like Sulli more than her..

-I think she looks like Jihyo more than Sulli.. Especially the eyes..