Friday, August 10, 2018

Let's choose our ideal types~~~~

Man who talk to you in friendly manner, but with sexy expression


Man who talk to you in sexy manner, but with friendly expression


1. [+2550][-427] Man who looks good in black vs Man who looks good in white

2. [+2063][-607] Man who's older than you but talks to you in a formal way vs Man who's younger than you but talks to you in an informal way.

3. [+1758][-309] Cafe part-timer vs Cinema part-timer

4. [+1233][-233] Man who calls you a lot vs Man who texts you a lot

5. [+1136][-247] Sexy man vs Innocent man

6. [+1120][-229] Man who tells you how much he misses you and hugs you really tight when he sees you vs Man who's shy and holds your hand while talking about how great the weather is when he sees you

7. [+971][-232] Man who's good at singing vs Man who's good at dancing

8. [+861][-279] Man who knows how to play piano vs Man who knows how to play guitar

9. [+748][-323] Man can handle alcohol well vs Man who can't even drink alcohol

10. [+736][-634] Man who has a sexy smile vs Man who has a bright smile..

11. [+712][-191] Man who reports everything to you every 10 minutes vs Man who contacts you once in every 10 hours

12. [+698][-105] Man with fringes vs Man with no fringes

13. [+671][-263] Nose vs jaw line

14. [+610][-602] Man who has tanned skin and muscular hot body vs Man who has pale skin and squishy body, just like a puppy

15. [+610][-263] Handsome guy who's 170cm tall vs Average looking guy who's 180cm tall