Friday, August 4, 2017

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Idol groups' lightsticks

How do your favorite groups' lightsticks look like?
Or the lightsticks of an idol group that you think is very pretty!
Share it in the comment section.

For me, it's Carat Bong! 


1. [+71][-25] Army Bomb!

2. [+69][-23] Exordium light stick! The logo can be seen clearly so everyone can tell that it's Exo's light stick..

3. [+61][-19] The only picture of Exordium light stick that I have.. 

4. [+23][-4] This picture of Exordium light stick is very beautiful..

5. [+21][-3] I think Exordium light stick is very pretty..

6. [+20][-7] Army Bomb looks really nice..

7. [+20][-3] The rainbow color looks very beautiful.. The only picture that I have in my phone..

8. [+18][-1] Exordium light stick is truly the best, look at how the logo can be clearly seen..

9. [+18][-3] This is an event that international Armys did.. They wrap their light sticks with vinyls to create various colors like this!

10. [+18][-3] Exo-L's light stick.. I can easily brag to everyone that I'm an Exo-L whenever I go with that light stick..