Friday, August 4, 2017


Aren't you jealous of Yoo Seonho's life..?

First of all, he's good at playing piano, he was once the captain of his school's basketball team, he's smart, he's 180cm and still growing, he earns a big popularity for his love towards food and gains the nickname 'Five Meals A Day', he doesn't have to worry about going on diet since he's the type of person who doesn't gain weight no matter how much he eats, on top of that he also has a very handsome face, and got casted by big companies like JYP and Cube while performing with his band and ended up auditioning for Cube because BTOB, his favorite group, is under that label. His dancing and singing skills weren't that outstanding so he got dazed in the middle of the audition but he still made itㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
The 6-months-old trainee who only knew the basics, along with his hyung who comes from Taiwan, participated in Produce 101 and became very popular. Since he's very outgoing, he was close with a lot of participants and that's why he got a lot of screen time. 

He didn't make it to the final line up, but his fandom grew stronger and even though he's still a trainee, he's been in numerous magazine pictorials, interview, variety shows (Problematic Men, Taxi, etc), and it seems like he's even busier than Lai Guan Lin.

 He even got to shot a CF overseas with the one of the BTOB's members that he has always liked. You can see that he has a lot of fans just by looking at how he's often being talked about in online communities. I think he was born with it, even though his skills aren't that outstanding, he's handsome, tall, and under a big label. 

He's only 16 years old and yet his life has blossomed.. I think his life will get so much better once he debuts.. I'm really jealous of him..

And this is my favorite gif of him


1. [+138][-0] Life is all about the timing.. and face.. But he seriously can't help but get famous with those aspects that he has.. It would've been annoying if he got famous just because of his looks, but fortunately, he's also very out-going, witty, and he knows what should he do in order to get screen time..? He's young and handsome..

2. [+136][-1] I'm the most jealous with the fact that his life has totally changed in just 6 months..

3. [+103][-0] The brat that I'm really jealous of..

4. [+74][-0] People always says that kid who are raised with love are different, I didn't know what that means at first but after seeing Yoo Seonho, I do..

5. [+72][-2] I'm really jealous of Yoo Seonho because every time he looks in the mirror, there's Yoo Seonho..

6. [+68][-0] Those are the characteristics of people who are raised with love. His life is not difficult at all.. He always has people helping him out whenever he's having a hard time, and he has always been getting tons of love from people around him, that's why he's not greedy.. But that doesn't mean that his life is always that easy, he went through hard times during Produce 101. It was so difficult for him until the rate that he wanted to give up. Just imagine how terrifying it is for him to get a lot of love out of all sudden at the age of 16.. It's not that he's always bright and cheerful all the time, it's just that he never shows it whenever he's having a hard time.. And one again, he's under Cube..

7. [+51][-0] Even his name is Yoo Seonho..ㅠㅠ

8. [+49][-1] If I was him, I would've gotten angry at Lai Guan Lin.. I'm not saying that Seonho is not popular, it's just that Lai Guan Lin has a really really big popularity.. But Seonho never felt like that at all, he's always humble and whenever BoA says 'Cube' he would always go, 'Ah.. It's me, because Guan Lin is a superstar (means that he would rank higher)'.. When Lai Guan Lin ranked lower than him, he looked very worried and concerned. And when Lai Guan Lin made it to the top 11, he sincerely congratulated him.. His age might be young, but his thoughts are not, that's why he's amazing.. I noticed that's the reason why he has a lot of fans, anyway.. I'm really jealous of him because of his personality!

9. [+45][-0] Kind person will always end up being successful no matter what they do..

10. [+45][-0] He once said it in an interview, that there are only positive comments in posts about him on the internet.. I'm really jealous of him..