Friday, August 4, 2017


Netizens reactions towards the latest episode of Idol School

Ah Choo team
[+608][-28] Now I know why the already debuted idols get to debut..
[+514][-30] Lovelyz indeed does this song really well..
[+][-] No Jiseon was really great.. Totally great, she nailed it..

Rookie team
오늘 아이돌학교 무대 반응 | 인스티즈
[+864][-15] Not only their pronunciation is suck, they can't even sing the song.. The main vocal saves the whole performance
[+751][-15] I feel like I'm watching an Elementary School Art Festival.. For real..
[+][-] Red Velvet did well with this song.. Whoa, I seriously thought I was watching a School Art Festival..

Cheer Up team
오늘 아이돌학교 무대 반응 | 인스티즈
[+457][-43] I'm so dumb-founded I can't even say anything.. Is that Song Hayoung..? She looks like she can't stand cheesy things..ㅋㅋㅋ As a viewer, I feel cringey just by watching it.. Especially her bangsㅋㅋㅋ
[+][-] They need to practice harder. They're using various of excuses, saying they can't act cute, etc. They can't even follow up to Twice's toes, they can't digest the song at all.. I'm deeply disappointed on Idol School..

-I was very surprised to see their Rookie performance.. I was like, 'Oh?????' throughout the whole video..

-Just imagine how bad it is until they get that kind of responses from public..

-I watched Rookie performance, it was shocking..

-I already dislike the idea of the whole show in the first place.. What are they doing to those young girls?

-Rookie.. Rookie is the most surprising one..

-All of them were really bad, except some girls..

-Rookie was very shocking, I couldn't watch the whole video..

-Is it because they're still young..?

-I couldn't stand watching the full video of Rookie..

-All of them were quite fine except for Rookie. It's okay though, since they're originally just commoners.. Rookie performance was a shame, they sound very high-toned and their pronunciations were really bad. It would've been better if the main vocal had more lines..

-This show doesn't only make the girls perform existing girl group songs, but they're also going to debut them in the end.. They need to work harder..

-Their performances were really severe.. Even school festivals are better than their performances..

-I doubted my ears the moment I listened to their performance of Rookie..

-I'm curious, brb going to watch the videos..

-Seems like this show is pretty popular, judging from the amount of votes in the comment section..