Friday, August 4, 2017

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Wanna One Go's guests next week

'Seonho Sewoon Minki Bugi'

Am I right?

Yoo Seonho, Jung Sewoon, Choi Minki, Kim Jonghyun


1. [+178][-1] ㅋㅋㅋ Why did the OP write Jonghyun's name as 'Bugi' and write the others with their real names?

2. [+156][-4] I just hope they won't get hate for taking the screen time for Wanna One's members..

3. [+99][-3] Jung Sewoon.. Sighs, Starship is finally letting Sewoon to star on a variety show but why does it have to be THIS show.. But still, I'm going to trust Starship because they're good at work..

4. [+67][-0] I hope there would be no conflicts between Wanna One's members + the four guests.. Please let them interact with each other happily.. Amen..

5. [+64][-1] I hope people won't leave comments such as, 'Why are you guesting in this show..', etc.. It's not that they're there because they want to, it's because the PD of the show invites them to.. I've already seen one post like that and it wasn't really good to see..

6. [+64][-1] I hope it all goes well.. I've seen a lot of people hating on those four just because of the preview of next week's episode.. I have a feeling they're going to get more hate if they take up the screen time for Wanna One's members..ㅠㅠ I'm really worried for them, because they're still going to get hate for guesting on the show no matter what they do..

7. [+61][-0] I don't recognize the others beside Bugi.. I bet Minhyun was really happy to see him..

8. [+48][-0] I hope the next episode can showcase the chemistry between Hwang Minhyun and Kim Jonghyun..

9. [+46][-3] I hoped for Jonghyun and Minki to not guest on the show, but they did..ㅠㅠAnd there's nothing we can do about it nowㅠㅠ I just hope there would be no conflicts..

10. [+45][-4] Why are they inviting the eliminated trainees? Mnet keeps on being a douche bag until the very end.. They must be very frustrated to guest on the show.. Just imagine it, they went through an extreme stress because of hate comments on the internet when all they wanted to do was to debut, they've worked really hard and in the end they got eliminated and now Mnet is inviting them to guest on the show of the ones that debuted.. Mnet, you f*cker..