Friday, August 4, 2017

This might get divided opinions..

Let's just say your dream is to be an idol. You're flawless, you have the looks and the talents. And three big companies come to cast you, which one would you chose? 
Don't be biased, and be objective instead!

For me, I would go to JYP. They rarely have problems with paying their artists, and the girl groups that they launch always hit big. Their girl groups received a lot of awards and their songs have a high public recognition. They even have big fandoms and sell a lot of physical albums, it used to be one of JYP's biggest weak points back then. Their girl groups also long for a really long time!

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1. [+170][-0] I hope there's a company with good management like JYP, great stylists like YG, and nice concepts like SM..

2. [+93][-9] I want to debut in SM with YG's concept

3. [+71][-8] Doesn't signing a contract with YG mean that you'll go into their jewelry box? I choose SM..

4. [+43][-12] Most of JYP's girl groups are only popular in their early days, and will lose their fame as the time passes by..

5. [+38][-3] SM's girl groups are the ones that last for a really long time, in my opinion.. I personally like SM because they always come up with unique style, and since in the post was stated that I have the looks and the talents, I would absolutely go to SM..

6. [+31][-1] YG's girl groups are kinda hard to get popular at first, but once they become popular, YG will treat them like the most precious thing ever..

7. [+29][-26] Pann is full of SM stans, no wonder why the comments are full of 'SM'.. I don't know which company is the best out of those three, though..

8. [+27][-4] JYP with no doubt.. The best company if you want to stay in the industry for a really long time..

9. [+24][-2] SM has slowly become worse after Lee Sooman took his hands off the management.. Kim Youngmin is not good at producing idols, and judging by SM stans' words, he often does things that are actually useless.. I prefer JYP, who is well-known for rarely having problems with paying their artists..

10. [+22][-7] Frankly speaking, girl groups from SM get the most attention compared to girl groups from JYP or YG.. I'm not saying that the girl groups from other companies have low public recognition, it's just because the seniors from SM take a good care of their juniors..