Friday, August 4, 2017

A photographer parent tells her 8 years old daughter to wear contact lenses for a photoshoot

촬영위해 8살 아기한테 렌즈끼우는 포토그래퍼와 아기부모 | 인스티즈
'Is she wearing contact lenses~?'
'She's wearing the green-colored ones~'
'Whoa.. It must be really hard for her to use contact lenses. Wasn't she even scared?'

The comments that can be seen in a photographer's Instagram account

She made her 8 years old daughter use contact lenses for a photoshoot
The ones who replied 'She's wearing green-colored ones~' is the mother of that girl.
The picture has reached more than 300 likes

They said they just did make-up on her face using photo shop, but actually that's just a lie..
They actually do make up on her face, and even make her use contact lenses

What in the world are those under her eyes?

Let me repeat myself once again, those are not the eyes of a middle-school student or a woman in her 20s. Those are the eyes of a 8 years old girl.
Little kids who have bad eye sight usually just wear glasses, I seriously can't understand the reason why the mother made her wear contact lenses..

-Look at the veins in her eyes.. Did she really want to use it by herself, or did she just use it because her mother told her to? If it's really because of her mother then it's just so wrong..

-Look at how greedy adults are..ㅋㅋ

-Those don't look like a kid's eyes.. I would believe it if someone told me it was an adult's eyes..

-The girl is pretty enough, what does the mother want more..? There's no end when it comes to greed..

-Make up.. It's not good to use make up on young kids..

-It could harm the girl's eye sight, though..


-I can tolerate about the other things but forcing her to use contact lenses just for a photoshoot is totally wrong..

-Look at the veins in her eyes.. Oh Goshㅠㅠ

-Kids are beautiful just the way they are..ㅠㅠ

-I seriously can't understand thisㅋㅋ How could a mother force her daughter to use contact lenses just for a photo shoot..?

-Even adults' eyes could get harmed because of contact lenses..

-Whoa.. I literally broke out into cold sweats..

-Her eyes are red..

-She doesn't even have the rights to call herself as a mother..

-I wouldn't know she was 8 years old if it wasn't stated thereㅠㅠ It could harm her health..ㅠㅠ