Thursday, June 29, 2017

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[edited] Fans suspect that this corner of Produce 101 was made with a hidden intention

(t/n: might be disturbing to some people.)

Meringue Time.

It might be a new thing to Koreans, but it's known as 'sex-symbol' in overseas.

Since that corner aired, there are a lot of malicious gifs of the trainees spreading online.

the gifs are in the link. i'm not going to post it here. 

If you take a closer look, there are actually some of the trainees who notice this.
And there's no way professional PDs didn't learn about this before, also judging from the interview.. This corner was 90% made with that wrong intention.


-Hul.. I didn't know about this..

-Hul.. No wonder why they decided to make a Meringue Time corner out of nowhere.. But why are all of the gifs cropped in half?

-It's my first time hearing about this.. It's so shocking..

-Ah.. This is so annoying..

-I thought that corner was made for the trainees to show off their strengths.. Anyway, what's with those gifs.. Oh God..

-The edited gifs are seriously so severe..ㅠㅠ That has crossed the lines..

-Ahn Joonyoung need to kneel in front of these trainees and sincerely apologize to them..


-Hul.. This is so freaking shocking.. I seriously have never thought about it that way.. Ahn Joonyoung, why are you living your life like that..

-What..? Is this for real..?

-I was wondering why did they make a meringue out of the blue, but since I couldn't figure it out, I just thought that was cute.. I didn't know it has a hidden intention like this..

-Whoa.. If they really have a hidden intention behind this, they're really cruel.. Most of the trainees in the show are underage..

-I did wonder why they tell the trainees to make a meringue at first.. I mean, it's an idol survival audition program. Why would they need the skills to make meringues?

-This corner was indeed really random and out of place.. Mnet is really cruel..

-My baby is only 16 years old..

-Hul.. What the hell..? Why would they tell the trainees to do that?

-The PD is a psychopath..